5 Ways to Get Active with Your Friends and Family this Spring

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Tired of winter? Cloudy skies and snow getting you down? Well you are in luck! – Spring is just around the corner! As the weather gets nicer, it can be the perfect motivation to get active with your family and friends. Being active has a lot of health benefits, including improving your immunity, your mood, your energy levels, and your long-term health. It can also boost your concentration and alertness while making you more productive at work! If you are interested in improving your overall health, the activities below might be able to make exercise more fun and fulfilling.

1) Go for a walk, bicycle ride, or swim

Whether you just end up moving around your neighbourhood or find someplace new to explore, getting outside for a walk or bicycle ride is a good way to shake off the winter blues! Depending on the weather, it may also be possible to go for a hike where you can get some great views.

2) Put on some music and dance it out!

Grab your favourite tunes and get ready to rock it out – it’s even better if you can get some family or friends to join. Not only can music affect your mood in a positive way, but it can also help you get moving.

3)Try a new boat-related water sport

While early spring is a bit too cold for swimming in a lake, it doesn’t need to stop you from avoiding the water entirely! Activities like kayaking, canoeing, or paddle boating allow you to exercise on the water without needing to get your toes wet.

4) Spring cleaning

While most people may not consider house chores as exercise, a Spring deep clean can really get your heart pumping. If you are someone who already likes to do a deep clean as the weather gets warmer, then this could be the perfect dual purpose activity for you!

5) Play together

Who says that physical activity has to be boring? Whether you have kids or just want to have fun with friends, play is one way to make exercise feel like fun instead of a chore. This could include playground activities like hopscotch, dodgeball, or tag or group sports such as frisbee, soccer, baseball, tennis, or badminton.

If you find yourself still struggling after these self-care tips, please feel free to reach out to our Nurse Navigation team as they can help you access Advica’s Health Navigation services. We are always here to support you with your mental and physical wellness. Remember, it is never too late to ask for help! 

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