5 YouTube Channels that Will Help You Create an Awesome Workout for Your Specific Needs

image1In this fast-paced digital age we live in, a lot of us have issues with our physical well-being. This is a direct consequence of the lifestyle that we lead, spending several hours per day looking at phones and computer screens, often use even more, due to our jobs.

This is why it’s essential for us to work out regularly to maintain our posture, overall physical health, and simply look better. There are many benefits to working out but we won’t be going into that. What’s important is that everyone can work out on their own with the help of YouTube.

It’s time to use this digitally-driven age to our advantage. With so many workout-related YouTube channels everyone can find what they are looking for and get proper guidance to work on their body safely while getting noticeable results. Here are our top five picks.

Alan Thrall – Untamed Strength 

Alan Thrall is an ex-marine who opened a gym of his own after being honorably discharged. Soon after opening Untamed Strength, his gym, he also started his YouTube channel “Alan Thrall” where he talks about strength exercises, powerlifting, health, and different training programs.

His main focus is on powerlifting exercises and building strength. Thrall talks about many different topics, from basic tips and guides on how to do certain exercises to nutrition, programming, and sharing experiences with other fitness professionals. What’s really great about this channel is that unlike most powerlifters, Thrall doesn’t limit himself or his subscribers to “strictly powerlifting”.

He talks about different styles and approaches to building strength and muscle while always trying to be as objective as possible. Apart from learning how to train and create a program, he can also teach people a lot about health and physical ability. “Train untamed!”

Leslie Sansone’s Walk at Home

image2After watching any of Leslie’s video for a couple of minutes, you instantly think about 80s aerobic videos where people are constantly smiling and jumping around in a synchronized fashion, with slightly funny music playing in the background. However, when you complete a single training session you instantly realize that these “walks” are more than they first appear.

With the incorporation of interval training and constant motion during a workout, Leslie’s training is very effective while not requiring any equipment or special training area. Her workout is mostly focused on cardio and stretching, which is why it’s most appealing to women but there are also a lot of men among her subscribers.

If you are a beginner, start with shorter videos that have lower intensity workouts and after some time you can start with other training options. In her more advanced workouts, there are even weights added to the mix and you can build up your strength as well. The channel is best suited for older people and those that have difficulty performing daily physical tasks. 

image4No matter if you need tips for the gym or home workouts, has a lot of explainer videos with workouts and trainers giving you professional tips. Since this channel is not run by a single person and there is a whole organization behind it, you can find many different exercises and styles of training.

No matter what you need, you can find it here, with professional help. Still, the channel’s main focus is on bodybuilding, as the name implies. On this channel, you can find many training routines that involve weights but also without weights and with different focuses.

Here you can find it all, no matter if you are looking to build up muscle and look better, gain strength, or improve your conditioning. If you want, you can work on all of those things together. The number of training routines is so great that anyone can find something that suits them here.

Fitness Blender

image5Fitness Blender is one of the most popular YouTube workout channels. This channel is run by a husband and wife, Daniel and Kelly. They give you advice on training from both their angles and can help people understand how intense certain exercises are and how different people should approach them. This channel is also one of the largest libraries of different workouts which target specific areas of the body.

No matter if you want to improve your arms, glutes, legs, abs, or basically any part of your body, you can find targeted exercises on this channel. What’s also good about their channel is that it’s specifically aimed at people who don’t have a lot of space or time to train. All their exercises require minimal space and you can do them in your living room if you don’t have more space available.


image3 1If you always wanted to take a pilates class but you simply never found the time to sign up for one then try out Blogilates. This channel is run by Cassey Ho, who is a certified fitness instructor, and apart from finding many useful exercises she also talks about self-image and how to deal with issues related to the way your body looks.

All the exercises and videos combine pilates movements with pop music. This makes exercising interesting even for those who get bored just thinking about exercising. There are many short challenges that last around 3 minutes but also 20 minute-long workouts so no matter how much time you have, you can always find something that will fit in with your schedule.

All the exercises are equipment free and the only thing you might need is a yoga mat. No matter if you have experience or you are a complete beginner, there’s a little bit of something or everyone here.

No matter what your needs are and in which direction you want to go, you can find everything you want on these channels. In the end, it doesn’t matter what type of exercise you do, the important thing is to have regular physical activity and to do the exercises properly. With this formula, you will quickly see results.

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