6 New Tech Gizmos That Will Help You Sleep Better

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We all live extremely busy lives, where we need to organize ourselves properly to ensure that we have time for everything during the day. Sadly, having to fit eight hours of sleep into our daily schedule is often impossible. Simply put, a lot of people have trouble falling asleep when they actually go to bed.

Our body is not a machine and we cannot program it to fall asleep when we want to. This results in many people having insufficient or poor sleep, which causes them to feel exhausted, have difficulty tackling tasks during the day, and can even lead to health issues.

Luckily, we live in a technologically advanced age where most of us can afford different gadgets that can help us sleep better. Today we are going to offer you some suggestions on this front.

Smart mattresses

The foundation of your sleep is the mattress. Even traditional mattresses that don’t have any additional functionalities can do the job if they are built well. Naturally, your full body weight will rest on the mattress, which is why it needs to be durable and firm enough to put you in a relaxed natural position, one in which you can rest for hours without waking up with a sore back.

However, modern mattresses can do a lot more than that. Apart from giving you proper support and comfort, they now incorporate smart technology. This smart technology can gather data and provide insights about your sleep based on it. These mattresses can tell you important things, adjust their firmness, and offer suggestions on how to improve sleep.

Smart beds

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Smart beds are designed as a part of the whole IoT (internet of things) network and they can also gather data. New smart beds can record information which is gathered by some wearable or get the information from the mattress, and the bed can adjust the position of your head during sleep to prevent discomfort or snoring.

At the same time, this reduces the chance of sleep apnea. At the same time, a lot of smart beds can regulate temperature, sounds, humidity, and so on. Smart beds can monitor the essential statistics of your body during sleep and a lot of them also have added layers of springs and cells which ensure that the bed doesn’t sag or compress as you sleep.

Silent alarms

Many gadgets that come in the form of wearables, alarm clocks, wristbands and so on, use silent alarm apps to help people wake up properly. For a lot of us, waking up is the actual problem – some people wake up on the wrong foot because they can’t stand sudden loud noises, while others can’t be woken up by noise alone.

These silent alarms usually rely on gentle vibrations to wake people up and they can recognize whether someone has woken up. They can be adjusted to start with mild vibrations and then increase until the person has woken up. Additionally, these gadgets can give reports on the quality of sleep, sleep patterns, and provide action plans.

Sleep apps

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Various gadgets, wearables, mattresses, and beds have sleep apps that can be used to improve the quality of sleep in many different ways. No matter if we are talking about advanced settings, tacking, monitoring, or suggestions, they can be useful for understanding your sleep and how to improve it.

However, even if you don’t have the money to afford such technology, there are also countless sleep apps for smartphones that are designed for the same purpose. They can be downloaded for a small fee and a lot of them are even free. In most cases, they rely on movement and track sleep, and the information gathered can be used together with the alarm.

On the other hand, there are apps that play sounds which help people fall asleep, some teach relaxing techniques, and some simply give advice based on your input.

Monitoring gadgets

There are various external tech gizmos that are designed to monitor various aspects of your sleep. In most cases, they are designed to be placed by the bed on your nightstand or table to function properly. These monitoring devices also scan the environment and gather information about your sleep.

Some of them are also designed to perform certain actions when some conditions have been met and give an analysis of what your sleep is lacking. There is a large choice of monitoring gadgets which are affordable and, depending on what you need, you can choose the one with the desired functionalities.

Smart patches

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No, that wasn’t a typo, they aren’t smartwatches. These small devices are designed to cancel out snoring. If you or your partner snore very loudly during the night and there is no way that you can fix the issue, this device might come in handy. In most cases, they are simply put around your nouse and rely on wavelength technology to recognize snoring sounds.

When they recognize snoring, they emit mild sounds that don’t disrupt sleep but disrupt snoring sounds. This means that the person sleeping beside you won’t hear anything. At the same time, loud snorers can also protect themselves from the noise they are making.

These are some of the most notable gadgets that can be used to improve your sleep but there are constantly new ones coming out that offer creative and innovative ways to help improve sleep. Have you tried something interesting and did it help you? Feel free to share your experiences.

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