Alternatives to Sleeping Pills to Help You Have a Good Night Sleep

image2 6A lot of us are having trouble sleeping properly. Some are simply too active and determined to make the most of their day, some suffer from insomnia, while others are too restless to sleep. No matter what the reason is, you need to get yourself back on track and sleep regularly to make sure that you are rested and healthy.

Lack of sleep carries serious consequences and it might affect your performance when learning, working, or even make you awkward in social situations. However, a lot of people cannot or don’t want to use sleeping pills. Some people experience strong side-effects, while others simply don’t want to resort to sleeping pills because they can be addictive.

So what are the alternatives? Today we are going to offer you some advice on how you can avoid sleeping pills and still help yourself sleep better.

Some sugar before you go to bed

image3 6A lot of people will say that sugar is bad for your sleep and that eating too many sweets can cause an energy burnout. This might lead to the exact opposite effect than what you are trying to achieve. The crucial phrase here is “too much sugar”, as stuffing yourself on excessive amounts of anything will always make it hard to fall asleep.

The important thing to look at is the orexin system, a neuropeptide which is in charge of regulating various mental properties such as hunger and sleepiness. Those with lover levels of orexin will likely suffer from obesity and narcolepsy. There are studies showing that the intake of refined sugar can cause reduced orexin cell activity that will cause sleepiness.

However, it’s important that you take a controlled amount of sugar and sugars from natural sources such as fruits and veggies that also have carbs and protein. This is how your body will feel fresh but you will still be able to fall asleep.

Epsom salt bath

image1 6Epsom salt consists of minerals that create a natural compound which contains sulfate and magnesium. There is lots of research showing that both of these substances can be quickly absorbed through the skin and this is why having them in bath salts if the perfect way to take them.

Magnesium produces serotonin which promotes healthy sleep. It also has positive effects on our brain and helps us relax and get rid of stress. It also promotes nerve function and can help calm headaches. The other ingredient, sulfate, increases that absorption of nutrients while helping clean out the body from all the harmful toxins.

Epsom salts can be found in any pharmacy and can be purchased without a prescription. They always have direction on how to use them and they can be even used for kids as they aren’t harmful in any way.

Melatonin (Sunlight)

image5 1Melatonin is actually a hormone that we all have in our body and it is produced naturally. This hormone has its own biorhythm within the body and it’s actually that biorhythm that people are talking about when they talk about their sleep patterns. The level of the hormone is the highest during the day and reaches the lowest concentration during the night.

The biorhythm of melatonin is connected to the daily 24-hour cycle and how light and dark periods change. Being exposed to light during the night can disrupt that rhythm and cause you to feel wide awake when you should be sleeping. If you are exposed to sunlight during the day the melatonin levels will be low and you will stay awake.

However, once the night sets in at around 9 PM, you should make sure that you are not exposed to any light or, if you have to, ensure that the light is not too bright. This is how you will be able to regulate your sleep and created a better sleep schedule.

Some strains of marijuana

image6We are steadily entering an age where marijuana is no longer a taboo and when we can explore the various benefits of this plant. Believe it or not, there are various strains of marijuana that can actually promote better sleep.

There are many studies showing that cannabis can be good for regulating sleep, as it has the power to relax the mind, reduce pain, relax the muscles, and provide valuable chemicals that can help fall asleep and sleep for a longer time.

If you want to stay asleep for longer, it’s best to use edibles. Cannabis with lots of cannabinol chemicals can help you fall asleep more easily. If you are unable to sleep because of anxiety, don’t use strains that have a lot of THC, but go with a weaker strain and with light doses.

Regular exercise

image4 2Regular exercise can help you sleep more soundly and for a longer time. When your body goes through regular physical activity, it will get into deep sleep more easily and deep sleep is when you really rest during the night.

Not only does it enhance the quality of sleep, but exercise will also prolong your sleep. You will be spending more energy during the day and your body will recognize that it needs rest and make an effort to get it.

Regular exercise doesn’t just have a positive effect on the body but also on your mind. It reduces stress and anxiety and these two are some of the biggest reasons why you’re not getting enough sleep during the night. There are also studies that show that exercise can help with various sleep disorders.

These are some of the best ways that you can improve your sleep without any medication. Take care of all the things mentioned above and you will not only quickly improve your sleep but also feel better during the day.

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