Beds, Mattresses and Pillows. What are Your Choices and How They Help You Sleep Better

image2 3Having proper sleep is essential. It is crucial to start the day properly and have all the energy you need to deal with your everyday activities. Poor sleep can not only have negative consequences on your physical health, but it can also affect your mental state.

If you are sleeping irregularly and poorly on a regular basis, you might be exposed to more stress which could affect your health or your job performance further. The issue is that we don’t pay much importance to our sleep until we actually start losing it.

This is why you shouldn’t waste any time. Do everything you can to make your nightly routine relaxing and resting. You need to start with your bed, mattress, and pillow as these are the three essentials for a good night’s sleep. Today, we are going to help you learn everything you need to know about buying these items.


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Your bed is the foundation of your sleep and, without it, you can’t expect to wake up rested and ready for the day ahead of you. Buying a good bed is crucial and you need to consider all of the features and options before making the decision. After all, getting a new bed is not something that happens often and you need to be certain before going through with it.

Types of beds

  • Traditional: these beds come with side rails, a footboard, and a headboard and they commonly work well with typical box springs. They come in many different materials.
  • Platform: these types of beds are a choice for a modern look and they don’t have a footboard. They go best with box springs with a low profile.
  • Canopy: these types of beds have a large frame above them which was once meant to hold curtains around the bed. Today they are just all about style.


  • Wooden beds: wooden beds are the most popular type for many reasons. This material is versatile and allows various customizations. Additionally, different types of wood have different specifications.
  • Metal beds: these types of beds have clean lines and, even though they don’t look as elegant as wooden beds, they can look pretty good in various homes. They are also very durable.
  • Fabric beds: these beds are not made out of fabric entirely. Their upholstery and their frames are made out of metal or wood. They are great for a quilted and plump style.

Size of the bed

Size is very important because it helps you choose the right mattress and ensure that you have enough space for sleep. Luckily, all of the beds have standardized dimensions that come with appropriate mattress sizes. However, when getting a bed, bear in mind that it will be few inches wider and longer because of the bed frame.

California king – 72×84

King – 76×80

Queen – 60×80

Full – 54×75

Twin XL – 39×80

Twil regular – 39×75

Crib – 27×52


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When choosing the bed, naturally, you should also check its mattress and make sure that it suits you. However, after some time, mattresses simply wear off and they become uncomfortable. In these situations, it’s better to change the mattress itself rather than change the whole bed.

How to know if you should replace your mattress?

  • Sagging: in case you notice that your mattress is sagging considerably, then it’s time to replace it.
  • Uncomfortable sleep: in case you wake up feeling tired in the morning, and if you feel pain during the night, or you are rolling around the whole time, chances are that your mattress needs a change.
  • Lifespan: no matter how good a mattress is, it needs to be changed after about 8 years of use.

Most common types of mattresses

  • Spring mattresses: these types of mattresses are very common and they can be both good and bad. Naturally, they consist of many springs and coils that act as support for the mattresses. When looking at these mattresses, it’s important to know how many of these supporting elements there are and how evenly do they support the mattress.
  • Foam mattresses: memory foam mattresses are great for side sleepers, they are comfortable, and provide proper support. They adjust to your body while sleeping and that’s why so many people chose this material. Some are hybrids with gel in them and they have a bit different feel. Plus, they absorb body heat.
  • Pillow tops: pillow topper mattresses are also very popular with side sleepers. These mattresses are basically a new layer that you can add over your current mattress. If you have a spring/coil mattress that is outdated and you don’t have money to replace it, a pillow top can help you.


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The pillow you sleep on is also very important for your head, neck, and spinal position. To avoid feeling pain in the morning and to ensure that you are breathing properly while you sleep, you need to get proper support from your pillow.

Consider the fluff

The fluffer the pillow, the better the cushioning, and it will also last for a longer time. When a pillow is fluffy, it means that there is fresh air circulating through it. When buying a pillow or checking your current one for fluffiness, fold it in half and see if it will return to its original state on its own. If not, then get another pillow.

Thread count matters

The thread count directly affects how plush and durable a pillow will be. A standard solid pillow that will last long should have around 300 threads. If you are looking for something better, you can choose from between 500 and 800 threads.

Pillow fills

Just like you need to know what’s underneath the mattress, you need to know what your pillow is filled with. Some of the most common fills include foam, fibers, and feathers.

Foam pillows offer firm support and are very comfortable but can get really hot. Fiber pillows are cost-efficient and can be washed in a machine. Feather pillows can offer excellent comfort and last a long time, but they might cost a bit more.


These are the essentials you need to pay attention to when getting all of the items you need for quality sleep. Make sure that you consider all of the options available and try them out before purchasing.

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