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As the leading health navigation service in Canada, Advica Health provides you with an independent appraisal of your personal health needs from anywhere, at any time. Our members have access to a variety of core healthcare solutions, right at their fingertips. With Advica, you can obtain 24/7 on demand Virtual Health access to Licensed Healthcare Practitioners, as well as work closely with our team of Nurse Navigators to access services including Mental Health Navigator, Second Opinions and more!


Advica Health puts your mind at ease by connecting the dots for all your healthcare needs with the click of a button.


Advica Health connects you with the appropriate healthcare experts so that you are never confused about your health again.


At Advica Health, your health is our #1 priority so that you can experience fast and effective healthcare access.

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$99 $69


$119 $99


24/7 Virtual Health

Nurse Navigation

Medical Concierge

Virtual Second Opinion

Mental Health Navigator

Virtual Nurse Intake At Sign-up

Annual Blood and Urinalysis at Home or Office**

U.S. Price Negotiation

* Family includes you,  your spouse and up to four dependents

**Where available provincially

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