What Changes to Expect When You Give Up Alcohol

image1 4Before you know it, drinking becomes a matter of habit, and chances are that you can’t remember the last time you went through the entire day without a drink. Alcohol abuse can cause numerous negative changes – you’re probably experiencing some of the consequences without being aware of them.

Although you know it’s damaging, giving up alcohol isn’t a simple task. In the following article, you’ll find a list of positive changes that will occur after you get rid of this dangerous habit. Hopefully, understanding what your body is going through will motivate you to quit.

Better Sleep

image5It’s not at all uncommon for people who’re dealing with sleep disorders to misuse alcohol because it seemingly solves their problem. Contrary to popular belief, alcohol doesn’t increase the quality of your sleep. As a matter of fact, it’s vice versa.

Abusing alcohol will lead you to the stage of deep sleep – that is true. However, it will deprive you of the REM stage. The Rapid Eye Movement stage is the part of your night when you dream, and visual images act as stimuli that cause your eyes to move from one side to another.

If you spend less than 20% in this phase during your sleep, you will have issues with new terms and performing complicated actions. In addition, research has shown that people who are required to perform complex tasks spend more time in their REM phase the following nights.

Lack of a healthy portion of REM sleep leads to tiredness that extends throughout the entire day, increased problems with sleep apnea, the inability to stay focused and learn.

Therefore, once you give up alcohol, you’ll wake up mentally and physically rested, and you’ll be able to maintain your concentration and adopt new information.

More Self-Esteem

image4 1Alcohol is a substance with diuretic properties. You’ve probably experienced a need to make frequent toilet breaks while you’re drinking. Well, alcohol increases your needs for urinating, while it’s simultaneously working as a dehydrator.

Although it seems like your body can bounce back at the beginning of your drinking career, you can’t resist the permanent consequences forever. The list of damaging side-effects is quite extensive:

  • dry skin,
  • Rosacea,
  • bloated face,
  • puffy eyes,
  • cellulite,
  • swollen stomach,
  • release of unpleasant smells, etc.

Therefore, if you’ve been unsatisfied with your appearance lately, and you’re not sure what exactly changed, this is your answer.

If you want to make better impressions on people that will lead to a more quality professional, social, and romantic life, you should give up alcohol. You’ll be able to see the first positive changes quite soon – only after ten days, your skin will gain elasticity and a healthy color, and you will probably experience effortless weight loss only after a week.

Leer Risk of Getting Sick

image2 5Your immune system has two different strategies for defending your organism from negative outer influences. When your body senses the presence of a dangerous substance, your immune system practically bombs the intruder. The cells in charge of destroying intruders are referred to as macrophages.

Alcohol has a negative effect on macrophages; it slows them down, decreases their effect, and basically – it immobilizes your immune system.

The second strategy is based on the development of immunity to a certain pathogen. This process can take a while because your immune system first needs to identify it, and then find a way to become permanently resistant to it.

Similar to the first strategy, alcohol use reduces the effectiveness and speed of your immune system response. Furthermore, it also has a negative effect on the production of antibodies.

Combined with the lack of improper sleep, your immune system will become weakened.

So, if you’re wondering why you’re having so many sick days lately, it’s not because you have a bad season – it’s because your immune system is unable to fight off bacteria and pathogens. Giving up alcohol will make you generally healthier, your energy levels will rise, and you’ll experience a positive change in mood.

A Better Liver

image3 4You’re probably aware that alcohol is severely toxic for your liver. However, you should fully understand what happens to this organ when you have problems with alcohol abuse.

To start with the known fact – alcohol dehydrates your body and deprives it of water that your liver finds necessary for performing its activities. Due to the lack of water, your liver can produce the usual protein or bile quantities, it can’t get rid of toxins, it’s unable to activate enzymes, etc.

The resistance of your liver can vary. Some people can develop liver problems just by having an alcoholic beverage on a daily basis. Heavy drinking is a certain path towards developing a disease called cirrhosis; years of alcohol intake will create scar tissue on your liver.

Not only that your liver will be thankful if you quit, but so will the rest of your body. The liver is a multifunctional organ that affects the functioning of your whole system of organs, and alcohol is its most dangerous enemy. If you give up alcohol, you’ll protect your liver.

Long-Term Benefits

Did you know that alcohol use is connected to the appearance of seven types of cancer? Getting rid of this damaging habit is actually an investment in the quality of your future health. Giving it up will also reduce your chances of developing a heart disease, or experiencing sexual dysfunction.

Alcohol dependency is standing in your way of turning your aspiration into reality, leading a fulfilled life, and being satisfied with yourself.

Once you stop drinking, you’ll be able to enjoy your mornings because you’ll wake up sharp and fresh. Your appearance will change for the better, and you won’t be frustrated because of skin problems or body fat.

Now that you know exactly what your body and mind are going through because of alcohol abuse, you should identify this substance as highly dangerous and take the first step towards giving up drinking. You shouldn’t hesitate from looking for help – alcoholism is a disease which is why you should turn to medical professionals who will provide you with guidance.

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