Episode #1011: Nutrition Matters with Marina Zelenovic

I’m so pleased to introduce you to today’s podcast guest, Marina Zelenovic. Inspired to help others after experiencing ongoing digestive issues in her growing years, Marina has committed her 20 plus year career as a nutritionist to helping individuals of all backgrounds reach their own personal health and wellness goals. She has had a huge influence on my own and my family’s health journey. Over the 10 years that I have known Marina, she has supported my training as a competitive triathlete with personalized nutrition planning. She has also helped me uncover more about my digestive health and sensitivities to certain foods that once addressed, propelled me towards EVEN BETTER overall health and enjoyment of life. Marina’s mission as a care provider is to optimize her patient’s health by getting to know the whole picture. She uses diet, lifestyle and supplements to get results that are tailored to each of her patient’s individual needs. Marina has been an integral part of the Advica Health Network and has provided exceptional nutritional counselling to hundreds of our executive and individual members. In today’s episode, Marina takes us through the patient journey, the importance of the Wheels of Health and the importance of food sensitivity testing – just to name a few. Without further ado, join me in welcoming Marina Zelenovic.

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