Episode #1014: Fuelling Your Intention with Matt Brady

About the Podcast

We have an amazing podcast to share – Kevin Brady is joined by his son, Matt Brady, Director of Business Development at Advica Health for a candid conversation on life growing up in the Brady household and his nurtured passion for health and fitness. Matt is a lifelong athlete, having pursued competitive ski cross and traveled internationally in his teenage years. Matt’s experience competing against Olympic level athletes pushed him to pursue bigger milestones in his athletic career. Today, Matt is seeking to qualify for the CrossFit Games. He offers advice on how to stay the course with his training despite challenges and setbacks, including the COVID-19 pandemic. Matt believes that in moments of discomfort, that’s where we must learn how to push ourselves harder. That’s when we can experience the most growth.

Both Matt and Kevin align on their mission to encourage and support our community to take a proactive approach to health and wellness.

More About Matt Brady

You can follow along Matt’s fitness journey at @mattbradyfit

Let us know what key piece of our conversation resonated with you and your own goals in the comments below!

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