Episode #2004: Transforming Recovery with Ross Wilson

On today’s episode, Ross Wilson joins us for an incredible discussion on the power of kindness when healing from adverse life experiences. When Ross’ mother was diagnosed with cancer and Ross went through his own mental health struggles, he was inspired to make positive change and work towards meaningful actions for his community. During the pandemic, burnout amongst healthcare workers was widespread. Ross is using his knowledge in the field to partner with PsyMood and help make mental health support accessible to larger groups of first responders and front-line workers. Psymood, a partner organization of Advica, prides itself on providing online and affordable diverse mental health support for newcomers to Canada by matching users to mental health specialists that understand their culture and speak their native language.

Both Ross and Kevin are triathletes. They discuss Ross’ top practices to keep his overall wellness in check including daily yoga practices, healing his relationship with food, and getting to bed early!

Please join us in welcoming Ross Wilson.

More About Ross

Ross Wilson is a Hospice Chaplain, Psycho-Spiritual specialist and works with Psymood as Partner Relations Lead. Ross created a non-profit called Bardo Network, which strives to provide end of life support through services and research to the disadvantaged communities within Canada. Along with his end of life work, Ross is a social investor and public speaker in the space of Mental Health and Palliative/Hospice Care. Ross’s journey is built on the mission to bring dignity, respect and natural support to those in neglected communities throughout Canada.

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