Fighting Chronic Pain by Using Marijuana and its Derivatives

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With more and more recent research showing how effective medicinal marijuana and its derivatives can be in treating chronic pain and other health conditions such as diabetes, cancer, loss of appetite and so on, there’s no denying the fact that as we grow older, we are more prone to suffering from chronic pain in the form of various illnesses that cause it.

Therefore, this has become a widespread issue where numerous scientists, doctors, specialists, and professionals are still debating whether medicinal cannabis is really helpful in treating and fighting chronic pain caused by various illnesses and diseases. For example, people who have cancer tend to feel pain every day.

When pain persists for more than three weeks, it’s considered to be chronic and becomes a health condition. In such cases, medicinal marijuana and its derivatives such as the CBD oil are prescribed to people who suffer from such conditions and their impressions are very positive regarding how medicinal cannabis helped to relieve those symptoms.

With that in mind, we can safely assume that medicinal marijuana can help to treat chronic pain because of its medical benefits and properties.

Marijuana as a Medicine in the Ancient Cultures

Ancient cultures used cannabis for various purposes among which one was for treating illnesses. It’s because marijuana contains two active ingredients that are important to us: CBD and THC.

Both have psychotropic and physical effects. Such effects have medical benefits for treating both neuropathic and chronic pain as seen through a long history of using cannabis for medicinal purposes.

If it’s dosed right, medical marijuana could greatly help persons suffering from chronic pain by reducing the pain. Today, more and more countries are jumping on the bandwagon of legalization as they saw that cannabis can be used for multiple purposes other than medical. The most recent studies showed that medical cannabis has better treatment properties than most medicines based on opium.

Opium-based medicines were a common thing back in the day but medicinal marijuana is in the spotlight now simply because of so many useful medical benefits that it brings. Cannabis oil has been proven to help people suffering from leukemia and other terminal diseases.

So, it’s only natural to assume that it can help people who are experiencing problems with chronic pain by relieving their symptoms and making their lives significantly better.

Our past is full of examples of marijuana use. The regular cough syrup from the period of World Wars was containing cannabis as one of its ingredients. Still, scientists have a long way to go before they are able to completely persuade the world of all the medical benefits of marijuana.

Types of Chronic Pain Marijuana Can Help With

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There are two main types of pain: Acute and Chronic. There are also many other types of pain such as muscle pain, nerve pain, musculoskeletal pain, intractable and severe pain and others. Any severe, acute and chronic pain caused by a disease or any type of injury can be treated with medicinal marijuana. Before any patient can begin to receive treatment, their condition needs to be qualified as a medical condition.

When that happens, they are free to use medical marijuana as a treatment. As it turns out, medical cannabis, especially CBD oil, helps the patients to ease their chronic pain symptoms and take their life back to normal as much as it’s possible.

Conventional Means vs Medical Marijuana

When it comes to chronic pain, conventional means are simply not good enough so the scientists and doctors are trying to figure out alternative ways they can use to improve their treatment techniques and methods. The biggest problem with the conventional treatment methods are the side effects. Contrary to the medicinal marijuana, opium-based medications are highly addictive on top of being toxic.

They even cause various health conditions such as strokes and heart attacks, even hepatotoxicity. That is exactly how scientists and doctors figured out that specially treated medicinal marijuana can be a lot more helpful while not leaving any health consequences at all. In addition to all that, medical cannabis turned out to be immensely effective in the treatment of chronic and acute pain.

No matter how you take it, by smoking or by taking an oral spray or eating it, medical cannabis has become a widely spread alternative that helps numerous patients with their everyday troubles. Aside from decreasing opioid side effects, marijuana is also allowing these patients to improve the quality of their lives.

Tested Strains for Chronic Pain

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Today, medical cannabis is definitely an increasingly popular alternative to any conventional and traditional medications. An increasing number of people are getting interested so it’s valuable for them to know the best strains for treating chronic pain. The strains rich in cannabidiol are the best for chronic pain because CBD relieves nausea and pain without getting people high.

It only reacts with the brain receptors called endocannabinoids, which in return exert pain-relieving effects. People with chronic pain also prefer CBD oil, as its medical benefits help them greatly reduce chronic pain symptoms. The preferred strain for chronic pain is Cannabis Indica, simply because it has higher CBD levels compared to Cannabis Sativa.

Usually, when medicinal marijuana is mentioned, it’s referred to as Cannabis Indica. The higher CBD levels help reduce the chronic pain symptoms.

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