Why Gradual Improvements Guarantee Long

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What makes a life worth living? This is a scary question that carries a lot of different meanings for each of us. But it all comes down to being happy and filling at peace with yourself, your lifestyle, and your environment.

If you look up the answer among popular quotes, you can discover that “for every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.” In other words, happiness is a choice. But how to find an oasis in this busy digital world that often draws us toward bad habits and stressing about things that are out of our control?

According to Inc. scientific resources, the only way to improve the quality of your well-being is by making gradual improvements until new routines become habits. Some of those simple steps include:

  • Finding a purpose in everything you do
  • Believing in yourself
  • Socializing
  • Exercising
  • Listing, understanding, and helping others
  • Keeping a self-motivating journal
  • Taking chances and smart risks
  • Learning something new each day

Every day is an opportunity to break out from the toxic lifestyle cycle and go in the direction of long-lasting positive changes. If you already feel burned out by work and home responsibilities and can’t find a healthy balance or an outlet, then consider starting with small, yet effective improvements today.

Why not go big at once? Because you don’t overthink small actions, hence, there’s a better chance of them becoming consistent habits.

There’s Less Chance of a Rebound if You take Things Slowly

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Do you admire confident people? If you focus on self-improvement, you will have the time to self-reflect and discover who you are, as well as what your strengths and weaknesses are. By focusing on positive personal features and learning to deal with insecurities, you will begin to build more inner security.

Getting to know your true self will crush the distorted self-image you have created over time. And once you begin to accept your virtues and flaws, you will minimize the self-sabotage. Keep in mind that people gravitate toward such self-secure individuals, so you will be able to build more constructive and optimistic relationships.

Your Body and Mind Have Time to Get Used to the Changes


As mentioned earlier, taking small steps has a better chance of turning all these little changes into normal daily routines and eventually habits. Think of small positive actions as simple tasks that support the final life goal.

For example, when people decide to lose weight, they know they have to give up unhealthy food and start exercising. But they do it all at once, their body and mind will start to feel overwhelmed and they might potentially give up.

On the other hand, if they simply begin to drink more water, lower their calorie intake, or go for a walk, they would have greater control in turning those actions into healthy habits. After all, habits can’t be imposed because they are unconscious.

And the only way to overcome the tension and impatience is by allowing your mind and body to gradually get accustomed to new routines.

It’s Easy to Create a Road Map and Gauge Progress

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The road of life-changing transformations often causes us to obsess over the outcome. This is precisely why it’s recommended to keep a daily journal. Write down what you want from life, your hopes, feelings, bad and positive daily situations, and measure your progress. Don’t be discouraged if you face some bumps on the road – use a journal to identify the things you need to work on and ways to achieve them.

Be sure to always include motivational tips such as “I can do it”, “I will be happier, more organized/patient”, I will be a better friend”, and others to stay on the right course. You can also write down your goals in an inspirational manner. For instance: “Getting a promotion will make me happy – working an hour overtime and completing a presentation is what I need for a new lifestyle”.

There’s Less Resistance from those Around You

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Did you know that 40% of U.S. workforce reported that their job was very stressful? Workloads and issues in the office can really damage a person’s quality of life, but more importantly, their health. However, by empowering yourself with patience and peace, you will be able to remain fully present in the conversation with your coworkers.

Listening, responding, and socializing with people you spend most of your day with will help you make better relationships. Also, you will be capable of expressing your thoughts and ideas, which will be received with less resistance due to your newly acquired stability and self-confidence.

As your confidence improves, so will your posture, body language, and manners. It’s hard to say no to such an articulated individual.

You Learn How to Stick to Something Every Single Day

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Practicing patience, self-reflection, gratitude, and inner motivation can truly take you far. Once you are able to accept the things you can’t change and learn to appreciate yourself the same way you appreciate others, learning will become easy.

Remember, working on good habits takes time and a strong willpower. So by conquering yourself, there will be nothing you can’t accomplish later on if you only set your mind to it.

Final Thoughts      

“The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things.”

Life is too short to be anything else than happy. Although it sometimes seems things are going from bad to worse, it all depends on how you choose to perceive them. So why not adopt a new vision and work on accomplishing the positive goals?

As the name suggests, personal development starts with and within you. It takes time and practice, but you can also expect great rewards for your efforts. Not only can this type of work open up new opportunities you have never imagined, but it also boosts your self-esteem levels, improves relationships on both fronts – in the home and at work – and helps you become the best version of yourself. In the end, you can achieve your dreams, just if you dare to start small.

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