How to Actually Recharge Your Batteries During your Winter Break

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Most people are workaholics simply because the world of today requires it. Because of this, these people have a very difficult time when they try to relax during the holidays. They go crazy during family visits because they are used to working non-stop. For them, it’s not just work. It’s a way of life.

No matter how hard your friends, loved ones, and family are trying to detangle you from work phone calls and emails, you can’t give in. Well, if you’re one of these workaholics, taking a break from your work and professional self can feel very strange.

The truth is, just like the way you schedule your working hours and days, you need to learn how to do the same with your free time as that’s the only way to truly allow yourself to relax and enjoy your time off.

Time off from work is a great chance to improve both our mental and physical well-being, but we rarely get a chance to do so, since these breaks are actually rather busy for everyone.

We will include several tips on how to rest as much as possible during this period.

Step out of your routine

Work rituals put you in your daily routine and it’s a kind of mood that is related to stress and similar feelings. To get rid of that burden, do something that is completely out of your ordinary routine. Go to a concert or, even better, go skiing, snowboarding, or just take a hike and enjoy beautiful landscapes as this can easily sooth your mind and bring you inner peace.

Make an effort to recognize that it’s your winter break and you’re absolutely allowed to relax and sleep in and pretty much do everything that isn’t related to your work. There’s a good study showing that letting your mind go during breaks can increase the process of creative thinking. Have some fun with your family and friends; you’ll feel good about it.

Wellness experience is most recommended

Just because you don’t have to work, it doesn’t mean that you should spend your winter break at home. While sitting at home and relaxing is a necessary part of your break, some wellness experience will do you good, more than you can imagine. Keep an eye out for fitness, hair styling, massage, and spa experiences. You won’t believe how this can help to recharge your batteries with positive energy.

It will give you enough energy to make good use of your time at hand during your winter break but, most importantly, you’ll feel great about it, which will allow you to enjoy your time off even more. If your friends invited you to some events, use your winter break to have some fun, reconnect with old friends. But remember, you have to take care for yourself.

Don’t overdo anything

Sometimes, people feel unleashed during their holidays and vacations. While it’s quite easy to go overboard, you should find a middle ground here. Meet-ups and holiday parties are fine but these can be pretty time-consuming. Remember, you’re here to have fun and spend some quality time with your family so a bit of both is the best way to really enjoy your time off.

On top of all this, overdoing your holiday drinking will do more damage than good and you might come back to work exhausted. Avoid this and make sure to get some of that well-deserved and needed downtime at home.

Avoid work reminders

You can’t expect your body and mind to relax if you’re constantly surrounded by work reminders. Your work life can easily seep into your winter break. Prevent this from happening by creating a very strict and clear division between work and home.

That means no work emails or anything else that might remind you of your work. Since we live in a technology-driven world, this might turn out to be a difficult task as it’s so easy to get sucked into your work when you least expect it.

Remote technology can do that. Therefore, if you have a work phone, switch it off. Avoid using your work laptop and switch off all notifications and everything else that might remind you of your work. The best way to avoid thinking about your work is by preventing professional disruptions.

This is your time off so make good use of it. Think about your hobbies and things that make you happy, do things that you love, play some instruments, go swimming, spend some time in the bars and pubs with your closest friends.

If you are not in a relationship, your time off is a perfect opportunity to be single and ready to mingle. Being in love is one of the best ways to relax during your break from work.

More or less, your possibilities are limitless. Also, a good idea is to go traveling. If you don’t like winter, go somewhere warm, enjoy on the beach and everything that comes with it.

Set your goals for next year

A good way of recharging your batteries during your winter break is by thinking about your future plans. Set up some professional and personal goals for the next year and aspire to achieve them. Major life decision, making some progress on your professional plan, all these things can engage a spree of positive thinking that will get you in a good mood before your return to work.

There’s no better feeling than when you feel confident about yourself. Take charge of your upcoming year, assess and renegotiate your goals and agreements with yourself. This will get you excited enough to get back to work, fully refreshed and reenergized.

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