How to practice self-love for yourself this Valentine’s Day

What is self-love and how can it affect my mental health? Self-love is usually defined as a consideration of your personal well-being and happiness which can be influenced by supporting your physical, psychological, or spiritual growth. Carrying similar connotations as self-care, this Valentine’s Day could be the perfect time for you to pamper yourself a little. If this resonated with you, we want to challenge you to try at least one of the tips below!

Unclutter your living space

A tidy home can make you feel more capable of life’s other challenges by freeing up your mental energy. Need to find your missing keys? If you have a special place (like a hook or dish) where you always put your items, it can help you be less stressed when you need to find them! Some people feel more stressed when their house is messy or they feel like they don’t have enough time to keep things tidy. If this is the case for you, starting small can help! Try cleaning one room or space at a time. For example, if your kitchen is a disaster, try clearing off the counters first before you worry about a whole deep clean.

Set up a cozy spa or date night for yourself – think candles, warm blankets, and comfy clothes

Don’t have anyone to go out with? Quarantined at home? Try having a cozy night in! You could set the mood for an “all-inclusive” spa night with items like candles, face masks, bath bombs, and a warm bath. Even something small like painting your nails or taking extra time with skincare can be a great boost! Is self-pampering not your style? A cozy home movie night could be a good replacement. All you need to do is prepare the popcorn, grab some hot chocolate, and climb under your favourite blanket!

Make yourself a healthy meal or one that you really enjoy

Whether your favourite meal is fancy or not, adding some extra care can’t hurt! You could even get dressed up or bring out the fancy dinnerware to make it an evening to remember. Of course, you could always have mac and cheese in your pajamas – we certainly won’t tell! The important part is making yourself feel special and nourished with a good meal – bonus points if it’s healthy as well!

Get artsy – create something

Even if you are feeling down this Valentine’s Day, making something could help inspire you. It could be anything from writing a poem or painting to crochet or making music. Plus, it doesn’t need to be perfect – trying new things is how you find out if you like something. Who knows? Maybe you will look back one day and be proud of where you came from!

Take care of your body – physically and mentally

Exercise and getting enough sleep are common recommendations for physical self-care since they can improve your overall health. However, it is also important to look after your mental health. For example, journalling or meditating can be a great way to calm yourself down, lower your heart rate, and improve your physical and mental resilience. When balanced with exercise, even with less strenuous activities such as doing yoga or going for a walk, caring for your body can be a big help for a wide variety of conditions. If you have a hard time going to bed early, it may help to do some exercise during the day to get your blood pumping and then read or journal before bed to relax you. In this case, you can practice self-love by trying to balance your lifestyle and taking proper care of your body. Also, it is important to remember that small steps towards your health goals are ok! It is better for your self-care in the long run to start out small rather than committing to too much and then burning out.

Entertain yourself with your favourite movie, tv show, podcast, or YouTube channel, or read a good book

With life passing us so fast, especially during lockdowns and COVID-19, it can be easy to let your hobbies fall to the wayside as you focus more on work or family. However, play and entertainment – no matter your age – is something that is essential to lead a balanced lifestyle. Have a podcast or TV series you want to catch up on? Is your stack of “To-Be-Read” books growing by the day? This Valentine’s Day could be the perfect time to practice self-care via catching up on your favourite media. If you are spending the holiday by yourself this year, this could also be a great way to make yourself feel special – you don’t always need someone else around to be able to have a good time! Often boredom can contribute to feelings of loneliness, isolation, and mental health issues such as depression or anxiety.

If you find yourself still struggling after these self-care tips, please feel free to reach out to our Nurse Navigation team as they can help you access Advica’s Mental Health Navigation services. We are always here to support you with your mental and physical wellness. Remember, it is never too late to ask for help! 

Disclaimer: The information shared by Advica Health Communications Team, included but not limited to text, infographic, videos and other material contained in this blog are for educational and informational purposes only. No material in this newsletter is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always consult your family physician or other qualified healthcare professional with any questions that you may have regarding a medical condition, treatment or before undertaking a new health regimen. Do not delay any medical intervention or treatment because of something you have read in this newsletter.

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