Episode #1008: Finding Your Voice with Fina Scroppo

The best way to describe Fina is a publisher, editor, an effective communicator, and most importantly, a story teller. She has helped over 35 authors, including Kevin, get their publications over the finish line. Fina reminds us that writing a book is a personal journey, that requires a process that she is honoured to be a part in support of her clients.  Today Kevin and Fina talk about her career, some common misconceptions about publishing a book and her own bestseller, The Healthy Italian. Lastly, Kevin and Fina talk about about the celebration of food with family and their shared passion to inspire their children and larger audiences worldwide.

More About Fina!

Fina Scroppo is an experienced communicator, marketer and business builder who is dedicated to helping others share and shape their stories. She is also the creator behind the brand and best-selling cookbook The Healthy Italian.
Her passion for cooking, nutrition and healthy living has been featured on numerous TV shows, radio programs, and in magazines and newspapers across the country. Over the past 25 years, she has enjoyed working behind the scenes as an award-winning editor for more than 35 book titles and hundreds of special-interest publications, with some of the most successful TV personalities, including David Chilton (The Wealthy Barber), Mike Holmes, Greta and Janet Podleski (Looneyspoons sisters) and others.
She loves to inspire and motivate others to get into the kitchen and enjoys teaching families (including her two growing sons!) how to have fun in the kitchen.
She recently joined Integram, a business training company that inspires clients to create a sustainable future and engage their target audiences by shaping their own stories.
To learn more about Fina, connect with her at:

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