Master the Power Nap and Improve your Day-to-Day Efficiency

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Do you often feel like your day has been just too much to digest? You go to sleep with your head buzzing with random thoughts you can’t get ahold of, and this usually results in the very opposite – not sleeping.

When you start scarifying your sleep in order to work harder, socialize, or just to complete household chores, it seem like a good idea – you have more time on your hands which is why you’re able to complete an extensive to-do list. However, this kind of lifestyle takes its toll eventually.

For you to be able to go back to feeling rested, you need to introduce naps to your day. The fact that you’re an adult doesn’t imply that you’re not eligible for a nap once in a while. As a matter of fact, adults with busy schedules need it as much as children do. Therefore, find out how to master the power nap and thus improve the quality of your life.

Learn that Napping is Not the Same as Sleeping

image2 2First of all, you shouldn’t misplace napping for sleeping. It is extraordinarily rare examples to find someone who can neglect sleep and manage to stay more than functional throughout their day. But, you should know that we’re talking about great scientific minds here, so unless you’re not the next Tesla or Da Vinci who both slept maximally two hours per day, this isn’t a good option for you.

So – why is sleep necessary? Even though you’re sleeping, your mind isn’t – the human brain is a workaholic. While your body is resting, your brain is processing all the information that you soaked in during the day.

Basically, your digestive system behaves in the same manner with food. For you to be able to benefit from nutrients, your stomach needs to decompose food so that all the good stuff can be released into your bloodstream.

So that you can memorize, retain, and apply new pieces of information, you need to allow your brain to sort it out first. If newfound data isn’t stored properly due to a lack of sleep, you’ll always feel like you’re trying to find your keys in a seriously messy room.

Because of these facts, you mustn’t confuse power naps with actual sleep. Naps can increase your day-to-day efficiency and do so significantly, but only if you combine them with a healthy sleep pattern.

Find an App to Help you Start

If you’re a stranger to power naps, you should introduce them to your timetable with proper assistance. Although you can find a nap buddy in your office who will keep you company and who will encourage you, chances are your schedules won’t always match.

Considering the fact that your smartphone is always at your fingertips, the most effective way to start a healthy power nap rhythm is to use it. However, instead of just setting an alarm to wake you up, you should install a nap app.

Fortunately, there’s an abundance of free ones that you can choose from. Not only can these apps wake you up in time by using different ringtones so that you don’t get used to one and start ignoring it in time, they can also help you fall asleep.

Therefore, while you’re browsing through nap apps, make sure to check if they come with sounds that can induce sleep faster, like waves, rain, thunders, or white noise – whatever you find most suitable.

Besides, the functionality of quality nap apps is based on scientific facts. For example, a clever app will be programmed to wake you up after thirty minutes, tops. If you sleep any longer, you’ll have troubles with something called sleep inertia – which is the exact opposite of what you’re trying to achieve.

Keep Practicing – Practice Makes Perfect

image3 2You shouldn’t expect to notice a significant change overnight – well, over-day in this case. Considering the fact that your natural sleep pattern is already disturbed, it will take a while to get it back to normal and complete it with power naps.

Humans are rhythmic beings – you can get used to practically anything if you’re persistent enough. Therefore, you shouldn’t feel frustrated and tortured if the first couple of attempts turn out to unsuccessful.

There’s an interesting fact that you might find encouraging – it takes three weeks for the human body to get used to a new biorhythm and adopt a new habit. So, if you manage to hold out for twenty-one days, everything will be much easier.

Stay Consistent

However, so that your body can get used to a new schedule and adopt power naps as a regular daily activity, you need to provide it with proper conditions.

A certain ritual should precede each power nap you take. That way, your body will notice a physical change in conditions and thus you’ll be able to fall asleep faster. In time, your naps will reach a satisfying level of quality – both your body and your mind will be well rested after a short break.

Now, let’s speak conditions. First of all, you should know that light is the sworn enemy of sleep. Whenever you want to take a power nap, make sure to eliminate light sources, natural and artificial ones.

Furthermore, you should be comfortable. Considering the fact that you don’t have too much time to fall asleep, sleep, and then wake up, you shouldn’t be disturbed by problems such as an uncomfortable pillow.

Last but not least, you need to switch to airplane mode and make sure that no notification will disturb you – not a single beep from your phone. Whatever it is, it can wait for a couple of minutes.

After the initial process during which your body needs to get used to power naps, and once you adopt this new habit, you’ll be able to notice a positive change in your daily efficiency. You’ll be able to achieve more, communicate better, and properly process and store new information.

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