Part 1: It’s Never Too Late To Be Healthy Webinar Series – How To Get Started

Kevin Brady, President of Advica Health recently released his latest book, It’s Never Too late To Be Healthy: Reaching Peak Health in Middle Age. Kevin describes the four parts of his Life compass – the Wheels of Health. This simple framework, which includes balancing Mindfulness, Eating Well, Sleep and Exercise are essential to better your overall health. Kevin shares two personal experiences – one that nearly took his life, that him lead to transform his lifestyle (using baby steps!). Kevin walks us through some of the key actions you can apply instantly to your routine and begin to take charge of your health.

Kevin and Aastha Sahni, VP of Advica Health, also walk the live audience through some of the common questions and health services provided to our corporate and individual members. If you would like to get in touch with a representative from our team, please reach out to [email protected]!


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