Real-Time Tracking as the Next Frontier of Patient Care

image2 3Technological innovations have improved various services around the world. One of the industry sectors that has improved drastically is healthcare. And, one of the latest technologies that lead to a significant change in healthcare and may be up for a major breakthrough is real-time tracking.

These systems aren’t anything new. They have been very beneficial to various industries where location awareness is highly important. Most facilities in different industries have been using real-time tracking systems to manage their supply chains and reduce the waiting periods. The exact same benefit can be transferred to patient care as well.

However, what makes this really interesting is the fact that this technology can be used to improve various aspects of healthcare and bring many benefits. This is why it is a potentially groundbreaking solution for patient care.

Workforce organization

image4In order for hospitals to be able to organize properly and deliver the best patient care possible, they need to have any and all valuable information at their disposal. This technology helps you see where all of your staff members are at any given moment as well as what they are doing. With this knowledge, it will be easy to establish where staff members are most needed and how to organize them properly to ensure that every patient is taken care of properly.

On top of that, a lot of real-time tracking systems have various analytics which can tell you where patients need more care, which patients are waiting for adequate help for longer periods of time, and where you might need more employees to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Additionally, by giving your workforce wearables through which they can be alerted of an emergency or simply receive information about where they are needed next, you will help them do their job better.


One of the biggest issues in the healthcare industry are high staffing costs. Because of this, a lot of healthcare institutions are looking for ways to make the most out of their resources and try to reduce their running costs by getting rid of manual, mundane, and time-wasting management processes that their workforce has to take care of.

Real-time tracking technology allows organizations to allocate human resource utilization efficiently, helping them reduce costs, and increase flexibility when it comes to big changes that affect their entire organization. This technology allows for effective tracking of all employees no matter if we are talking about the nursing staff, security personnel, or any other department.

Furthermore, a real-time tracking system allows organizations to gain an insight into what staff members are doing at the moment, how much time they have, and where they might be needed. All departments can be staffed properly, ensuring that patients that need their care the most get it promptly.

Improved patient experience

image3 2One of the most important things for quality patient care is to make sure that patients have a pleasant experience while spending their time at the healthcare facility. No matter what the patient is going through, health issues always cause stress and having them think that they are in a completely disorganized environment will make them feel even worse.

First of all, with real-time tracking systems, the hospital staff can instantly give patients information about where they are going, when, and why. On the other hand, by combining a tracking system with a mobile app that will be available to all patients, you can install beacons which can guide them through the hospital and help them find whatever they might be needing.

Lower waiting time

One of the worst things in healthcare is to force your patients to wait for a long time until they are admitted or until they get the care they need. With this new technology, the waiting time can be significantly reduced. On top of that, you can give them the power to be in control of their admission. For example, when patients enter the hospital, they can be greeted with a message and offered the option to check in through their smartphone devices.

After they do this, the app can tell them how much time they will have to wait and offer them suggestions on how to pass the time while in the hospital. At the same time, patients that have difficult conditions that require immediate care can be admitted quickly through the app.

In the end, the improved efficiency that this system provides will help patients get admitted more quickly.

Analytics and asset management

image1 2A real-time tracking system offers a centralized, streamlined view of any and all important information, which allows hospitals to create strategies that will suit the needs of their patients.

A quality real-time tracking system offers various analytical capabilities such as asset analysis. It is possible to get detailed information on all of the available assets, their current status, and their condition. This helps track the state of your assets at any time and make proper actions to ensure that all of the assets are working properly and used to the maximum extent.

With digitized asset management, assets will always be used properly, it will help discover problems that can be fixed on time, ensure the safety of all assets, and help employees learn where additional assets might be required to improve patient healthcare.

Even though this technology is a new concept in healthcare, we believe that it can instantly make hospitals better organized and more efficient overall, leading to drastic improvements.

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