The Social Aspect of Marijuana – Join for a Joint

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Marijuana has been a very controversial issue for quite a while, as there is a lot of both positive and negative information about it. On one hand, we have anti-cannabis activists who spread negative information about the drug, demonizing it and making it look like devil’s work that takes lives. On the other hand, we have cannabis advocates who see marijuana as a plant send from the heavens above that can make everyone’s lives better.

Because of this, it can be quite difficult to separate fact from fiction but, in reality, marijuana comes with both positive and negative effects. However, from a completely neutral point of view, it may be true that the positives truly outweigh the negatives. After all, marijuana is widely used for various medical purposes all around the world, which is precisely why more and more countries are legalizing it, even for recreational use.

But, what about the social aspect of weed? Does marijuana actually bring people closer together or is that also a piece of fiction fabricated by weed enthusiasts? Let’s have a look.

Weed connects people from all walks of life

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Weed really does connect different types of people and helps them create friendly, meaningful relationships with one another. No matter what lifestyle they are leading or which career they are pursuing, if weed is what they have in common, they will actually connect on a much deeper level.

Cannabis brings people together because it helps them relax and feel happy, appreciate their surroundings and people they are with, enjoy art and music, forget about all their worries, and simply enjoy their time together. You can connect with someone who has led an entirely different life than you and really make a friend for life.

That’s exactly what marijuana can inspire in you – to truly want to learn about new people and their lives, their experiences, their goals, and dreams, and to share your own story.

It enhances the sharing culture

Marijuana creates an incredibly inspiring community of friendly, loving people who want everyone to feel happy and completely satisfied with their lives. That’s precisely the whole life philosophy of weed enthusiasts – to be happy and absolutely fulfilled, to enjoy life, and help others enjoy every aspect of their lives as well.

That kind of emphatic lifestyle that promotes positive feelings of happiness, love, and joy is exactly what brings people closer together. In countries where marijuana is legalized for recreational use, you can even find marijuana stores where people get together to share a joint, get to know one another and simply enjoy their time together.

What’s more, there are hundreds of people who grow weed and give cannabis oil for free to various medical professionals, who then use it to treat cancer. Now, that’s the greatest power of marijuana. People share it because they simply want to put a smile on someone’s face, even if it’s a face of someone they don’t know. Sharing is caring, isn’t that right?

It connects people from different ethnic backgrounds

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It doesn’t matter where you are from, what language you speak, what the history of your nation is, and whether or not you are a religious person – marijuana can connect you with people from all the ethnic backgrounds.

Nationality, race, religion – they absolutely don’t matter when you make a real connection with someone, do they? You can share a joint with literally anyone and make instant bonds that are powerful and lead to incredible comfort and spiritual enlightenment.

Marijuana is a universal language of all weed enthusiasts, who don’t care about ethnicity when it comes to meeting new people and their diverse cultures. All they want to do is make friends and perhaps even find partners who are accepting of the lifestyle.

Speaking of which, have you heard about the saying “couples that smoke together stay together”? Marijuana can strengthen the bond in couples, both emotionally and sexually, as it improves their communication and trust, and boosts the feelings of intimacy and sensuality.

It improves creative collaboration

It is generally known that smoking weed can spark creativity (though usually in people with generally high creativity) and ignite enthusiasm to engage in new projects. When you share a joint with someone who shares your views and certain ideas and has a complete understanding of your goals, you have an opportunity for wonderfully creative collaboration that can even transform into a new profitable business.

Since your creativity goes through the roof after smoking a joint, you can come up with a bunch of ideas and visions on how to improve your professional life, your personal life, your business, or start a project that will bring you and your smoking buddy lots of benefits.

It’s fun

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Last but certainly not the least, smoking marijuana is fun. You feel completely relaxed and you simply can’t stop laughing. You’re laughing with your friends and loved ones and simply having a blast. Who wouldn’t like that?

This doesn’t mean that you always get the giggles, but that you simply feel unbelievably happy and at peace, and feel joy, love, compassion, and excitement just to be with the people you love and spend some quality time together. But, when you do get the giggles, the experience definitely becomes so much more fun!

Are you a marijuana enthusiast? If you are, then you certainly know how much powerful experiences can smoking weed provide you with. If you’re done with the work for today and plan on spending your free time with friends or a significant other, give them a call and have them join for a joint!

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