The Triathlon Club of Burlington’s Get Geared Up! With Special Guest Kevin Brady of Advica Health

Get Geared Up’s guest speaker is Kevin Brady. Kevin has authored the book “It’s Never Too Late to Be Healthy”…. I thought I would introduce Kevin myself as I have had the privilege to know him for near a decade through the Triathlon Club of Burlington.

When I heard that Kevin had published a book, I thought “of course Kevin would do that”. When I congratulated Kevin on this milestone Kevin kindly shared this is his second book. Again I thought to myself “of course”. Kevin’s career is less of a mystery. His work is in the health and benefits field and he has built companies (yes plural). Kevin is motivated to bring priority to health & wellness individually and corporately. He is kind of a guru of putting it all together. I think Kevin seems so easy going because he has mastered the needed principles for all aspects of a happy life. It turns out this book is just that, the principles needed for optimal health and wellness. I look forward to hearing from Kevin on more than fitness but total wellness.

Description prepared by: Larissa Robinson, TCOB’s Event Coordinator

To Purchase a Copy of It’s Never Too Late to Be Healthy: Reaching Peak Health in Middle Age Click the following links:

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