Episode #1006: Train For Life & Find Meaning Behind Movement with Ben Carr

Ben Carr, Owner of Innovative Fitness North Vancouver, joins Kevin Brady for an impactful conversation on his personal mission to create a supportive community where committed individuals can get a little uncomfortable, learn something new and become a better, stronger person! Kevin and Ben discuss the adaptations that Ben and his team have made during the COVID-19 restrictions. Ben discusses the positive that has come about his business practices despite the lockdown measures, including the innovation and development behind the IF Direct online fitness platform that gives clients virtual access to personal training sessions. Kevin and Ben discuss the importance of supporting an active train session with proper nutrition, a restful sleep and daily checkins with yourself  are crucial to ensure long term success and fully understand what your body needs. As athletes for life, Ben offers key tips on how to move everyday, build a consistent routine and implement healthy, positive changes into your lifestyle!

About Ben Carr
Ben is originally from the US and a child of the world. Born in Massachusetts and raised in Tanzania, Brazil, Costa Rica, and Japan. He came to Vancouver for his post-secondary education and dove into the Kinesiology program at UBC.
He has worked with varsity rugby players, RedBull Canada, coached various sports, taught PE and was certified as an ACSM Health Fitness Specialist before landing a job as a coach at Innovative Fitness in 2012. Since then he has trained and led hundreds of clients to personal fitness destinations.
Ben has been working in the health and fitness industry for over 10 years and has been owner of Innovative Fitness North Vancouver for 4 years.
Ben’s MISSION: Create the most badass fitness community EVER made!
Find out more about Innovative Fitness here: https://www.innovativefitness.com/location/north-vancouver-personal-training/
If you are an Advica Health member and would like to learn more about accessing Innovative Fitness Partner offerings, reach out to [email protected]

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