What Is An Executive Health Assessment?

An Executive Health assessment or comprehensive health assessment is a thorough health assessment that screens for early detection of diseases such as diabetes, cancer, or heart disease. It covers much more than a traditional physical – it conducts a series of examinations and screenings that give you an idea of your current health status. This can include heart and lung function tests, nutritional assessments, bone density, vision and hearing screening, several blood and urine tests, and a detailed examination from a physician. This head-to-toe evaluation is usually completed on the same day to ensure you get the results right away. The practitioner will discuss the results with you directly and go over those areas that may need improving and provide an action plan you can put into place to achieve your optimal health goals.

To help you gain access to this assessment, we’ve partnered with the following clinics: Cleveland Clinic, Medcan, Medpoint, Telus, Signature Health, and Inliv. As each clinic is unique and has their own area of specialty, when coordinating with a nurse navigator, be sure to let them know your health concerns so they can guide you to the best clinic based on your individual needs. 

Early detection saves lives and can improve health outcomes, allowing you to take a proactive approach to your health. To start your health journey, contact our nurse navigation today to book your executive health assessment.

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If you are a member or have any questions related to your physical or mental health concerns, please contact Advica Health’s Nurse Navigation Team.

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