What to Eat When You’re Under Stress – A Diet for a Worried Stomach

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In case you didn’t know, your stomach is usually sensitive to stress and we want to discuss dietary choices when this happens.

If you’re experiencing stress and you’re struggling with a worried stomach, choosing the right dietary choices might significantly help to relieve that stress and ease your stomach down. The food you eat can greatly ease your stress and anxiety and make you feel better in the long run.

By making a lifestyle change, you can manage your health and wellbeing. With that in mind, eating a specific diet high in lean protein, whole grains, legumes, fruit, and vegetables, can be extremely helpful.

We live in a fast-paced world where health issues like anxiety, stress, depression, violent mood swings, and so on affect millions of people all over the planet.

Some people experience the symptoms only now and then, while others live with them on a daily basis. Since stress and anxiety are directly related, the symptoms are physical and psychological and they include:

  • Fear
  • Tension
  • Overthinking and
  • Constant worry about everyday problems and events
  • General irritability
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Issues with work, social, and personal relationships
  • Elevated heart rate
  • Heart palpitations
  • Muscle tension
  • Chest tightness

While seeking professional help is the best thing to do as professionals can help provide the necessary medications, therapies, and treatments, proper nutrition can also be extremely helpful. Most of the times conventional treatments give the best results but they don’t work long-term.

That’s why having a few more options seems like a very good idea and treating your stress with proper nutrition might just help improve symptoms. Here are some excellent diet choices to take into your consideration to significantly reduce stress.

1. Brazil nuts

imageSince Brazil nuts are extremely rich in selenium, they are the most excellent food for improving mood.

Selenium is known to reduce all sorts of inflammation. When it comes to mood disorders like stress and anxiety, inflammation tends to be at heightened levels and selenium is quite effective at lowering those levels.

It’s also a powerful anti-carcinogenic and antioxidant. It helps prevent cell damage and keeps your entire digestive system functional and healthy. Soybeans and mushrooms are also high in selenium. While eating Brazil nuts is healthy, consuming too much selenium isn’t recommended.

Three to four Brazil nuts are quite enough per day. On the other side, Brazil nuts, and nuts, in general, are also an excellent source of vitamin E which is also an antioxidant and a powerful means of treating stress and anxiety.

Low levels of Vitamin E can cause various mood disorders such as stress, anxiety, and depression.

2. Fatty fish

320762 1100Herring, trout, sardines, mackerel, and salmon are considered to be fatty fish simply because they’re rich in omega-3 fatty acid, which is closely related to mental health and cognitive function. There is omega-6 fatty acid as well, and eating too much of it might lead to experiencing mood disorders such as increased stress and anxiety.

Healthy fatty acids like omega-3 are known to promote healthy brain function and reduce inflammation and it’s quite effective in reducing levels of anxiety.

Sardines and salmon are also rich in vitamin D which is quite effective at treating anxiety, depression, stress, and other mood disorders. It also improves mood and provides relief from the seasonal disaffected disorder.

Eating fatty fish three times a week should be quite enough to feel the effect in the long run.

3. Eggs

Vitamin D is extremely important for your wellbeing and egg yolks are most recommended. Since egg yolks are extremely rich in vitamin D and protein, they are highly recommended for any diet for a worried stomach.

Aside from that, the protein found in eggs is rich in essential amino acids your body needs for development and growth. Eggs also contain serotonin, a chemical neurotransmitter that regulates behavior, memory, sleep, and mood. It’s also very effective at relieving anxiety and improving brain function.

4. Pumpkin seeds

Most people avoid pumpkin seeds but that’s a huge mistake. Pumpkin seeds are extremely rich in potassium, which is in charge of blood pressure and electrolyte balance. That’s why eating foods that are rich in potassium may help reduce symptoms of anxiety and stress.

Aside from pumpkin seeds, bananas are also rich in potassium. These foods are also rich in zinc, a mineral that greatly affects mood.

This mineral is also essential for nerve and brain development is in direct connection with emotions. Eating foods rich in zinc might just be the best way to reduce stress.

5. Dark chocolate

magnesium foods 720x480There was a study in 2014 indicating that dark chocolate can be extremely helpful with reducing anxiety and stress and improving mood. Dark chocolate is rich in flavonoids and polyphenols, which are known to reduce brain cell death and neuro-inflammation while improving blood flow and thus, improving mood.

On the other hand, dark chocolate is a known source of magnesium, which is known to provide relief from the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

6. Turmeric

South-east Asian and Indian cooking can’t do without turmeric. This extremely healthy spice is filled with curcumin, the active ingredient that reduces oxidative stress and inflammation lowers anxiety and provides relief for those who experience mood disorders. With a gentle flavor, turmeric goes well with casserole dishes, curries, and smoothies.

7. Chamomile

Chamomile tea is a known herbal remedy and it has relaxant, antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s a rich source of flavonoids, which are excellent at reducing stress and anxiety.

Chamomile tea is mostly available in every part of the world and safe to use in any dose. This makes it perfect for everyday use and it’s best to drink it in the morning and the evening.

Aside from these foods, yogurt and green tea are also known for having positive effects on the brain and digestive system health, while providing a generally calming effect. Other foods such as turkey, chia seeds, almonds, cheese, oats and so on are also known to have beneficial effects on reducing stress.

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